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Club's First Session @ The Grove

The Club held it's first training session in 9 months on Friday 4th December. It also marked the first session at it's new venue (The Grove) after Edgewood Leisure Closed during Lockdown.

Due to the current COVID restrictions, the Club is currently open to a limited number of family groups.

Those present for the first session were:- Beau & Finn Bigrigg, George & Hannah Knights, Malaki & Tenisha Parnham, Aliyah, Hannah & Livvy Ritson and Ella & Sally Tetteyfio.


Beau's Lockdown Grading

Beau Bigrigg passed her 9th Mon (orange belt+3 tags) after submitting a video of herself going through the grading syllabus.

Beau Bigrigg 9 Mon


Club Grading

Eight of the Clubs judokas gained new promotions at a Club Grading held at Skegby Judo Club on Sunday 15th March.

Beau Bigrigg 8 Mon
James Wyres 8 Mon
Aliyah Ritson 3 Mon
Hannah Ritson 1 Mon
Noel Dolgos 4 Sho
Luca Turnbull 3 Sho
Livvy Ritson 2 Sho
Isabel Vere-Lima 2 Sho


Nottingham Judo Awards

Five of the Clubs judokas received trophies at the Nottingham Awards ceremony held at Basford Hall on Saturday 7th March.

James Wyres Student of the Year
Finlay Grainger Competitor of the Year
Hannah Ritson Outstanding u8yrs
Adam Wyres Outstanding Newcomer
Noel Dolgos Most Improved


Finlay's Attendance Milestone

Finlay Grainger completed his 150th training session on Monday 2nd March. He joined the Club in June 2016 and is currently a 5th Mon (yellow belt +2 tags).